“What I emphasized from the time I first took office was that I had to know the ‘way of basketball'”

KBL and WKBL are in the middle of their season, but amateur players, who are the roots of KBL and WKBL, are quenching themselves for a new season.

Song Do-joong’s year 2022 shone. 바카라사이트This is because he won the National Men’s and Women’s Secondhand Basketball Federation Match in autumn, which was the last tournament of 2022. Song Do-joong, who used sophomore players as the main axis in 2022, is receiving a higher evaluation in 2023. Along with Samseon Middle School, it is counted as the ‘2nd River’. Coach Jung Sung-soo Song Do-joong looked back on 2022, saying, “The players showed as much as they expected in 2022. I did not expect to win. I finished the last tournament well. I had a good year.”

“Song Do-joong’s team color is always the same. Defense comes first, and offense gives players autonomy within a set framework. What I emphasized from the beginning was that you need to know the ‘way of basketball.’ “You have to know to play freely. If you don’t know the way of basketball, you will overlap from position or movement. So, it points out the way and position to move for each position. It tells you the various crossroads of basketball.”

Song Do-joong will also maintain the same team color in 2023. She has strengthened a lot of taller players, but she believes that 2-on-2 and perimeter play should be developed more than post play.

“We will maintain the team colors for 2023. We have to put strong defense and pressure. In set play, we attack freely within the promised framework. There are not much changes. Unless their height exceeds 2m right now, they need to know how to play 2v2 and outside. In the long term, it is difficult to see a center with a height around 190cm. All players on the court prefer to handle the ball,” he explained.

After that, “In 2023, I will operate a rotation of about 8 to 10 people. I will operate it with 5 3rd graders and 5 2nd graders. Sophomore players’ understanding of defense is still low. My demands in defense are high. Understanding of defense If we just improve it, we can make full use of it,” he added.

Coach Jeong Seong-soo picked all the 3rd year players as noteworthy players. Coach Jeong Seong-soo said, “All five of the 3rd graders are strong. (Kim) Min-gi already received MVP in his 2nd grade. They have good athletic ability. They have good shooting ability. They are enough players to do their part this year. (Lee) Juho and (Seo) Shinwoo are in charge of number 2 and 3. We are developing them as shooters. Shooting and drive-in ability I can play an active role as a scorer for Song Do-joong.”

“A player from abroad came in. It’s (Kim) Samuel. After learning basketball at the club, it’s been only a month since I moved to elite basketball. (Seo) Joo-hyung is resting due to an injury. He has good abilities. However, his physical growth is slow. So he has not yet stood out. Looking forward to the second half. Going on to high school. If you do, you will do well,” he said.

Lastly, “People around me evaluate Song Do-joong’s power as strong. (From my point of view) I don’t think it’s that much. It’s not at a level that meets my expectations. It’s not that I don’t trust the players. I can only be satisfied when I reach the standard I set. It is possible. The 3rd year players have been playing full-time since 2022. That is why it seems to be evaluated that way. If you play a game and win one game at a time, you can rise to a high place. I have not set a specific goal. I do not want to lose. (Laughter). I always tell the players to know and play basketball. I think basketball is like Go. You have to look ahead one move or two. The players have participated in quite a few games since their freshman year. They went further. I hope you look ahead. You can become a better player,” he encouraged the players.

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