There are criticisms about Lee Kang-in (22, Mallorca)’s sluggish performance.

Mallorca faces Villarreal in the ‘2022-2023 season La Liga Round 22’ held in Mallorca, Spain on the 19th. Mallorca (28 points), which has suffered two defeats in the last three games, is in 10th place.

Lee Kang-in has not been able to raise an attack point since he recorded his 4th help of the season against Valladolid on January 8th. 바카라사이트 Lee Kang-in received offers from Premier League teams such as Aston Villa and Newcastle in the transfer market in January, but the transfer was not successful. After his transfer failed, it is pointed out that Lee Kang-in’s productivity is declining.

The Mallorca Bulletin, a local magazine in Mallorca, said, “Muriki and Rajkovic are the best players on our team. But these days, I’m not getting the ball properly. The reason is Lee Kang-in. He pointed out that this is because Lee Kang-in, who provided assists to Muriki several times this season, lost his energy after failing to transfer.”

Lee Kang-in still has a strong presence in Mallorca. It’s time for Lee Kang-in to explode. ‘Bulletin’ said, “Muriki is getting frustrated as he moves more to find the ball. He, who is essential in Mallorca, has to shake the net again,” said Kang-in Lee, demanding more assists from Muriki

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