In the history of KBL, the trend of foreign players has been steadily changing. During the first year’s tryout, a player who stood out for his splendid play, such as making dunks, drew attention, but soon realized that was not the case. It is only natural that players who can help the team win are favored, even if it is somewhat less fun to watch.

In addition to the two-man participation system, when there were height restrictions due to short stature, undersized big men like Cliff Reed and Johnny McDowell, who played more than a modest center, were in the limelight. Although his height is not much different from that of an average small forward, it was possible to become a twin tower only with foreign players if selected well. In particular, McDowell was not great technically, but he showed off his majesty with a play that stirred and pushed under the goal with the power radiating from his drum-like body.

It may not be much different on the overseas stage, where there are many players with size, power, and technique, but at least on the domestic stage, McDowell was much more threatening than most technicians. Afterwards, a player with good athletic ability who runs well and jumps high like Marcus Hicks led the trend, and a tall swingman with good mobility like Aaron Haynes showed off his power according to the team situation.

Of course, to use a swingman or guard type in the single foreign player entry system, you need a native big man as well as tall resources to support you to some extent in defense. Here, what determines whether a swingman or a post resource is strength, not height. No matter how tall he is, a slim figure like Ron University Hollis-Jefferson won’t help much in the back of the net.

Meanwhile, Anyang KGC and SK, which will face each other in this season’s championship match, are envying each team because they have so-called power technicians who can score points while going back and forth while being able to compete against orthodox big men near the post. ‘Flying Spamman’ Omari Spellman (25‧206cm) and ‘Jamsil Warney’ Jamil Warney (29‧199cm) are the main characters.

Both have good strength like McDowell, run well like Hicks, and have technical perfection, so it is evaluated that they are a decent foreign player. While taking charge of scoring stably, he also has the presence at the post that a big man foreign player should have.

This is also revealed in terms of performance. In the regular league this season, Spellman averaged 19.86 points (2nd place), 2.39 assists, 9.94 rebounds, 0.80 steals, and 1.10 blocked shots (1st place) in 51 games, and Warney averaged 24.22 points (2nd place) in 54 games. 1), 3.15 assists, 11.19 rebounds, 1.28 steals, and 0.94 blocked shots (3rd). Both of them have a solid and heavy physique, but show the commonality of good athletic ability and elasticity.

Warney, who started playing for SK from the 2019-20 season when coach Moon Kyung-eun was in command of the team, is a big man capable of attacking in all directions in various areas near the post. He is not tall even by KBL standards, but has a long wingspan and combines power and technique, so his presence under the goal is considerable. Rather than flashy and colorful, he is a style that uses certain weapons to release attacks, but his perfection is so high that it is not easy to block even if he overdoes it openly. 

He is excellent at both post-up and face-up, and his two-handed hook shot and floater, especially with pivot play, have been getting longer in recent years, and are known as ‘weapons that cannot be blocked even if you know it’. There is even an evaluation saying, ‘Jonnie McDowell’s power and recklessness, and smooth pivot play like Reggie Townsend, throws a floater with a degree of perfection superior to that of Dennis Edwards’.

If Warney boasts invincible firepower near the post, Spellman is not so much. However, despite his larger size, his attack range is wider. If Warney is an undersized big man, Spellman has the height of a big man and the characteristics of a wing player. With his heavy body, he goes to and from my periphery, frequently dunks and hits block shots.

Most of all, he has great 3-point shooting skills. He even throws a pull-up 3-pointer after dribbling as well as catch-and-shoot. Looking at the number of successful 3-pointers in the regular season, it is safe to say that he is a shooter level, not a big man throwing well. Spellman hit 2.73 3-pointers per game, second to Jeon Seong-hyun, the league’s top shooter. The success rate (35.88%) is also compliant.

Warney and Spellman are likely to struggle with each other depending on the situation. Warney’s bottom line isn’t bad, but his perimeter defence is often pointed out. Since he is a style that plays an active part near the post, he has no choice but to have difficulties with the amount of activity or defensive skills outside of him. Spellman is likely to take advantage and harass Warnie. 메이저사이트

Therefore, on days when Spellman’s shooting is good, it is not easy to solve the game no matter how wary he is. It would be difficult to properly block the explosive 3-point shot of Spellman, and since he had to go to the good perimeter whether he liked it or not, the flow sometimes returned to the situation where he laid the plate for Oh Se-geun, one of the best local big men. If Spellman’s outside shot explodes, SK will have no choice but to be in trouble.

But Spellman is a good 3-pointer, not a professional shooter. When it explodes, it explodes so much that defense is meaningless, but when it doesn’t, it cools down coldly. Nevertheless, it is not once or twice that he went into nuisance mode while shooting wildly. As Warney, he needs to keep putting pressure on Spellman by successfully attacking near the post.

Due to the nature of Spellman, who has an impatient personality, he often throws outside shots to make up for difficulties in defense. In a situation where it is difficult for tall forward Choi Jun-yong, who played a big role in last season’s championship game, to make a normal sortie, the SK defense is highly likely to come up with a strategy that stimulates Spellman and shakes the shot. Attention is focusing on who will have the last laugh among the two players who boast the best scoring power this season.

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