IBK Industrial Bank won the Wilson Cup 2022-2023 Assistant Worker Basketball League game against the Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency 62-52 at the Tancheon Gymnasium in Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do on the 29th. IBK Industrial Bank, which reported its first victory in the preliminaries with a firepower show that exceeded 100 points in the previous game, started its winning streak that day and ignited the embers for the semifinal competition.

On this day, IBK Industrial Bank of Korea took the lead in victory with Park Jun-ho making a big success with 21 points, 8 rebounds, 1 steal and 1 block. Kim Eui-soo also played an active role with 17 points, 9 rebounds and 1 block, strengthening the team. Above all, a more exciting composition was created as IBK Industrial Bank captured the Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency, which had given Samsung Electronics RED its first loss in Group B, which was on the verge of three consecutive victories. 스포츠토토

As if foreshadowing the exciting composition, the game was very tight from the first quarter. IBK Industrial Bank Lee Seok-hee, Kim Eui-soo, and Park Jun-ho form an attacking triangle, while Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency Lee Jae-in and Kim Min-woo’s 3-point shot stood out from the beginning.

The first quarter ended in a tie at 18-18 amid fierce battles. After that, it was IBK Industrial Bank of Korea that started to lead little by little from the second quarter. The seesaw game continued until the beginning of the second quarter, but it was IBK Industrial Bank Ahn Seong-hyun’s free throw and Kim Eui-soo’s goal that instantly tipped the game.

Thanks to this, IBK Industrial Bank, which made a lead to take a breather with 27-22, began to calmly face the pursuit of the Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency. At the end of the quarter, Kim Eui-soo’s 3-point shot broke out and IBK Industrial Bank finished the first half with a score of 32-28.

Even at the start of the 3rd quarter, IBK Industrial Bank succeeded in scoring consecutively and ran away to 36-28. Accordingly, the Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency also tried to cut off the flow of opponents with Lee Jae-in as an outside prisoner, but IBK Industrial Bank also did not give up the atmosphere easily, with Park Yong-joon and Park Jun-ho scoring like Altoran.

Above all, on this day, IBK Industrial Bank had an advantage over the Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency in terms of defense. He blocked the opponent’s pursuit with a vigorous amount of rebounds, steals, and blocks.

Thanks to this, despite the fact that the Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency returned the match to the starting point at the end of the 3rd quarter, the 4th quarter was again the atmosphere of IBK Industrial Bank.

In the situation where they returned to the starting point, Lee Seok-hee announced the start of the 4th quarter with a free throw, and Han Seung-hun’s quick attack set the mood again. In the Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency, Lee Seung-yeop revived the spark of hope with a 3-point shot, but IBK Industrial Bank also calmly added one goal and moved toward victory.

Eventually, beyond the middle of the quarter, the offensive again turned to IBK Industrial Bank. Park Jun-ho and Park Yong-joon took the lead in the attack again, and the Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency’s fingertips became cold. IBK Industrial Bank won a valuable victory as the accuracy of the attack in the match cut the difference.

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