On the 11th, the Hanwha Eagles appointed Futures coach Choi Won-ho as the club’s 13th head coach. The terms of the contract are a total of 1.4 billion won over three years (down payment of 200 million won, annual salary of 300 million won, and option of 300 million won). He terminated his contract with coach Carlos Subero, who led the team from the 2021 season.스포츠토토

Coach Won-ho Choi will lead the team from the game against SSG Landers in Incheon on the 12th, and Seong-gap Kim, the head coach of the remaining forces, will take over the position of manager of the Futures vacated by coach Won-ho Choi.

New coach Choi Won-ho took over as Hanwha Eagles’ Futures manager in November 2019, led the first team as an acting manager from June 2020, and returned to the Futures command tower in 2021. His achievements include reorganizing his Futures training system, winning the Northern League in the 2022 season, and winning 14 consecutive wins, the most ever in the Futures League.

The Hanwha Eagles highly appreciated the fact that they have been in the club for the 4th season and have a detailed understanding of the team, the leadership that brought out the potential of young players, and the team management that puts players in the right places with a focus on winning baseball that the Futures team showed. After evaluation, it was decided to appoint director Choi Won-ho.

Meanwhile, coach Choi Won-ho debuted in the KBO League at Hyundai Unicorns in 1996 and retired from active duty in 2009 after passing through the LG Twins. Since then, he has accumulated extensive experience such as LG pitching coach, commentator, and technical committee member of the national team.

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