It was obviously a confrontation between K-League youths, but the atmosphere was a ‘super match’. It was worth it. Suwon Samsung and FC Seoul supporters rushed to Cheonan as the future clubs competed for the trophy. This match was a ‘preliminary super match’.카지노

The 2023 GROUND.NK League Youth Championship U-18 finals are in full swing at Cheonan Sports Complex at 8:30 on the evening of the 28th. The match is being played between the Suwon Samsung U-18 team (Maetango / Suwon) and the FC Seoul U-18 team (Osan High / Seoul).

The atmosphere at the Cheonan Sports Complex on this day was different from the previous year’s K-League Youth Championship. Usually, it is played in a small way with the support of team officials, parents, and friends. The championship ceremony is also prepared enough to leave good memories for the young players, but compared to the professional level, that is also minor.

But this year was different. The U-17 competition final match between Suwon U-17 team and Jeonbuk Hyundai U-17 team made the atmosphere hot. Suwon fans occupied the stand on the left side of the headquarters and cheered the young players of Suwon with a loud voice. This atmosphere was no different from the K-League 1 game.

This U-17 final was a one-sided victory for Suwon in the cheering match. This is because most of the Jeonbuk cheering squad were officials or parents. And the final match between the Suwon U-18 team and the Seoul U-18 team, this confrontation was a ‘preliminary super match’. Unlike Jeonbuk, Seoul supporters also visited the Cheonan Sports Complex on a large scale and cheered against the Suwon supporters. This is the reason why the expression ‘preliminary super match’ was attached.

When we asked an official from Suwon how great the Suwon fans came to the finals of the high school tournament, he told what he heard. According to this, the original Suwon supporters left it to their own accord regarding the K-League Youth Championship final cheering. However, when the news that the Seoul supporters were coming to cheer for the expedition properly, they said that they also came to Cheonan in large numbers to support the players. Suwon fans sang endlessly for nearly three hours, including the U-17 finals.

Also, the fact that the K-League Youth Championship high school finals were held just in time for the holiday season must have worked as one of the reasons why fans came to Cheonan without any burden. Another reason was that the fans were more interested in the match because it was a high school game where semi-professional players were also included. This is because they are likely to debut professionally within a few years.

The enthusiastic atmosphere from the stands was no different from the K-League 1 Super Match. Perhaps because they were not familiar with this kind of cheering culture, a message was even displayed on the electronic board during the game, saying, “Please refrain from using tools and excessive cheering for nearby residents.”

It is not yet known how many of the players who played today will come up to the A team and become ‘professional’. However, no matter who came up, thanks to the enthusiastic fans of both teams, the super match was ‘preliminarily learned’.

Officials of the Korea Professional Football Federation are also quite surprised by such enthusiastic fan support. Just as the players become semi-professional, the K-League Youth Championship seems to be creating a cheering atmosphere with a semi-professional level. Thanks to Suwon and Seoul fans, the authority of the tournament seems to have increased.”

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