Lotte Giants coach Larry Sutton will take a break on the 17th due to dizziness. Lee Jong-woon, head coach of Lotte, will serve as acting manager.토토사이트

On the 17th, ahead of the match against Sajik SSG Landers in Busan, Lotte said, “Coach Sutton is dizzy today, so we will not play today for protection under the training part.”

According to the Lotte team, coach Sutton received a hospital checkup that morning and returned to the baseball field in the afternoon to improve his condition.

However, as more dizziness appeared after the official press conference briefing, after consulting with the training part, it was decided to take a break from the game on the 17th.

Lotte, which has recently been picking up its momentum with three consecutive victories, will be replaced by head coach Lee Jong-woon in the wake of Sutton’s sudden absence.

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