Suwon FC head coach Kim Do-gyun breathed a sigh of relief after his side ended a three-match losing streak and earned their first away win of the season.

Consecutive goals from Yoon Beom-garam and Oh In-pyo gave Suwon FC a 2-1 victory over Han Ho-gang in the Hana OneQ K League 2023 Round 16 ‘Suwon Derby’ against Suwon Samsung at the Suwon World Cup Stadium on 3 March.먹튀검증

With the win, Suwon FC moved up to eighth place in the standings (5 wins, 3 draws, 8 losses, 18 points). Suwon were unable to add another win and remain in last place (W2 D2 L12 D8).

After snapping a four-game losing streak, Kim was relieved. In the post-match press conference, he said, “It was a game that showed the players’ willingness to do what we said before the game. After losing four games in a row, our training for this match showed on the field. I’m happy that we were able to win today with the players’ commitment.”

The team overcame a difficult first half to score. “The reason we used Park Chul-woo, Jang Jae-woong, and others in the first half was actually mobility. We chose them because of their mobility and defence, so our offence didn’t work well, but we had chances and made good use of them. I think they played their roles well enough. Park Joo-ho, Oh In-pyo and Lee Seung-woo, who came on in the second half, were also good.”

“We had to use a 22-year-old because of Kim Sun-min’s injury, and I thought about taking Rath off, but I chose Oh In-pyo. We wanted to keep the height of the set-piece until the end, so we couldn’t take Ras off.”

When asked about the importance of Kim Sun-min’s role in the absence of Park Joo-ho, he said, “Kim Sun-min, Jung Jae-yong and others should play in his place. Even though he joined the team late, he has been playing a lot of roles and performing well. I expect him to fill the void left by Park Joo-ho.”

On Lee Seung-woo, who came on as a substitute and played brilliantly, he said, “He created a lot of chances and played well in the time he was given. “There’s no doubt about his ability, but I don’t think he’s at 100 per cent fitness and condition yet, so I brought him on in the second half today and he did a good job showing what he can do in that time. He needs to play more minutes if that’s what the coach wants. I expect him to improve his form and play a lot.”

The defence has been hit by a string of injuries. Choi Bo-kyung, Kim Hyun-hoon, and Jackson are all out. “It’s hard to get injured players back in the two games before the break,” said Kim. Kim Hyun-hoon and Jackson did a good job. We will communicate the good points with the players to prepare.”

The win was Suwon FC’s first away victory. A surprised Kim said, “We had difficulties at the beginning of the season. We have no time to worry about it. It’s our first win after four straight losses, so it’s a valuable win. If we finish the remaining games well before the break, reinforce the squad and get Lee Young-jae back, we will be better than Suwon FC in May.”

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