Having completed the KBO League’s current 10-team system, kt joined the first team stage in 2015. In the meantime, quite a lot of free agents (FA) have come and gone to the team, and there have been times when free agents have come out from within the team. However, the internal FA was a case where players bought from outside were requalified.

The founding members of kt made their debut on the first team stage in 2015 at the earliest, and even if they are high school graduates who have filled the full number of registration days since 2015, unless there are special circumstances, they will only complete the 8 years required for FA qualification after the 2022 season. While Shim Woo-jun, the corresponding person, enlisted after delaying the FA qualification event, it is highly likely that Kim Jae-yoon (33) and Ju-kwon (28) will be the first characters to engrave their names in the history book of the club called kt. Both players will become free agents if they finish this season normally.

There are numerous free agents, but being the first free agent produced by the club has a significant meaning. This is because it is a proof that the team named kt is rooted in the league. Kim Jae-yoon nodded at this story and was leaving for a trip to the past. Amidst countless memories popping up in Kim Jae-yoon’s head, he smiled, saying that there were more good memories than bad ones.

After joining the team in 2015, he changed his position to a pitcher, and after a difficult period, he rose to the team’s finishing position. In the process, he is also Kim Jae-yoon, who wrote quite a few histories to decorate a page in kt history. Kim Jae-yoon, who achieved the first 20 saves (21 saves) in the club’s history in 2020, broke the club’s save record in succession until 2021 (32 saves) and 2022 (33 saves). In 2021, he was on the mound in the deciding moment of the team’s first historic combined championship.

Kim Jae-yoon said, “I always thought it was something I’d only seen around me,” regarding the fact that he was about to become a free agent with such a significant meaning. I thought about it. I kept thinking about it, but somehow it happened. I feel very proud of myself, and I have many thoughts that are approaching in reality.”

When arranging the history of the team called kt 100 years from now, it is natural to want to write a better narrative. Jaeyoon Kim has three main goals. If you achieve these three things, you will naturally receive a good evaluation in the market.

First of all, he emphasized that he wanted to remove the tag. It is the image of a slow starter who is weak at the beginning of the season. 먹튀검증 Kim Jae-yoon said, “There is always a label that says, “It’s a little bad at the beginning, and your body improves slowly. I do the same (exercise) every year, but this year I seem to have prepared to raise (physical condition) faster from the beginning. After it was over, I just rested for about two weeks and threw the ball right away,” he explained the offseason. Kim Jae-yoon’s spring camp condition improved faster than before to the extent that people around him dried up his overface.

The second is to make as many saves as possible. Kim Jae-yoon said, “The team is now becoming a strong team to some extent. If it is a strong team’s finish, I think we should basically do about 30.” can’t,” he said. Recording 30 saves for 3 consecutive years means that Kim Jae-yoon is recognized as a true ’30 save finisher’. You can even approach the title of the first King of Salvation.

The last thing is to feel the thrill of winning again. Kim Jae-yoon, who said that the failure to properly perform the ceremony at the time of the 2021 championship still remains as a (?), said, “The biggest thing I want to do is to win again. “When I look for the things I threw at that time or the things the fans cheered for, the memories of that time come back to me. Kim Jae-yoon, who has three goals in mind, is preparing to fill a page in his team’s history.

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