The first championship and championship game of the season will be held.

On July 8, Seoul’s Mokdong and Shinwol stadiums will host the 78th Cheongryonggi Strife National High School Baseball Championship and Weekend League Wangjoongwang (co-hosted by Chosun Ilbo, Sports Chosun, and the Korea Baseball Softball Association). It is the third national tournament to be held after the E-Mart Bae and Golden Lion tournaments, and the second to crown the king of the weekend league.

The Cheongryonggi Championships will feature the winners of each group, as well as the schools that ranked even and odd in each region according to the participation regulations, as well as the previous year’s winning teams. The group draw was held by the association on the 20th of this month, and it is believed that the favorite schools for each seed have received a good draw. However, like the Golden Lion, upsets can happen at any time in high school baseball.먹튀검증

Like the Golden Lion, the Cheongryonggi Championship will be split between Mokdong and Xinyue until the round of 32, and from the round of 16 onward, the schedule will be 100% in Mokdong. SPOTV, the host broadcaster, will broadcast the games after the quarterfinals.

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