Yonsei University succeeded in revenge for last season’s playoff rematch against Konkuk University, and won a pleasant sweep in the opening game.

Yonsei University won 94-67 in the 2023 KUSF University Basketball U-League Konkuk University match held at the Yonsei University Sinchon Campus Gymnasium on the 15th.

For Yonsei University, Ki-Sang Yoo (16 points) and Ju-Young Lee (15 points, 5 rebounds) played a big role, while Bo-Bae Kim (12 points, 5 rebounds) and Ji-Hoon Kang (4 points, 3 rebounds, 4 blocks) kept the bottom of the goal.

The confrontation between Yonsei University and Konkuk University was a matchup in the quarterfinals of the playoffs last season. In the head-to-head match at that time, Konkuk University won a new victory (81-80) against Yonsei University and succeeded in advancing to the semifinals dramatically.

Yonsei University, which played a cornerstone for Konkuk University’s advance to the final, must have sharpened its sword against Konkuk University during the offseason. Coach Yun Ho-jin also pledged to win, saying, “I will definitely win.” Yonsei University put pressure on the opponent with fast attack speed from the beginning of the game, but failed to gain momentum due to turnovers and field goal failures.

Kim Bo-bae and Kang Ji-hoon kicked off offensive rebounds against Freddy and Choi Seung-bin, but were unable to score a second chance. It was Ki-sang Yoo, the senior captain, who was responsible for Yonsei University’s attack. Yoo Ki-sang opened the scoring for Yonsei with a 3-point shot, and raised the mood by getting a foul with a mid-range shot (8-6).

Yonsei continued its momentum with Kim Bo-bae’s breakthrough and alley-oop play (12-6). Although substitute Ahn Seong-woo took away offensive opportunities one after another with good defense, Choi Seung-bin and Freddy scored under the goal and the score difference did not widen (14-12).

It was at the beginning of the second quarter that Yonsei University got excited again. Good defense leads to good offense. He ran a 7-0 run (26-17) by connecting successive steals with 3 points of the organic phase and a fast break. Yonsei University did not stop there. Lee Joo-young’s footback score and Yu-gi-sang’s 3-point shot tied together and ran further (33-21). 스포츠토토

Konkuk University’s Choi Seung-bin tried his best with 3-point shots and mid-range shots, but it was not enough to catch up with Yonsei University, whose outer shell started to explode (44-28). On the other hand, Yonsei University finished the first half with a 19-point lead (50-31) with Lee Joo-young’s floater scoring just before the end of the first half.

In the second half, the gap widened even more. After conceding a goal, Yonsei tried a quick attack and did not allow the opponent to pursue. Also, the fingertips of the players who were hot in the first half were still hot. Lee Joo-young, Lee Chae-hyung, and Lee Min-seo took turns putting in 3-pointers, widening the gap even more (71-42).

There was no turnaround in the fourth quarter. Hong Sang-min, who played as a substitute, also kept the bottom of the goal firmly, and Lee Min-seo and Ahn Seong-woo collaborated for a picturesque fast attack (82-49). Yonsei University succeeded in scoring until Hae-Sol Lee at the end of the game, scoring all freshmen from the opening game. Yonsei University, which started the rotation, completed a sweeping victory by doing their part, including the bench members.

On the other hand, Konkuk University was unable to reproduce its victory in the quarterfinals of the playoffs last season. Kim Joon-young and Choi Seung-bin fought hard, but suffered a defeat by decision (34-43) in the battle for air supremacy.

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