KIA Tigers Jeong Hae-young left for Arizona, USA, the spring camp training site, via Incheon International Airport on the 30th. Jung Hae-young 토토사이트 took the mound in 55 games last year and recorded 3 wins, 7 losses, 32 saves, 56 innings, 43 strikeouts, and an average ERA of 3.38, defending the back door without fail.

Jung Hae-young, whom we met at the airport, said about this spring camp, “I think I need to make more decisive pitches. I have to make it well with the type of pitch I’m throwing now to make it easier to fight with batters. seems to be,” he said.

Recently, Jung Hae-young became the highest-paid player among non-FA contract renewal targets, excluding foreign players. 35.3% signed up for an increase of 230 million won. Jung Hae-young said, “I feel so good, and I have a lot of responsibility to match my annual salary.”

Jung Hae-young is making a historic save streak. He collected 30 or more saves for two consecutive years and holds the records for the youngest 30 and 50 saves in the KBO League. If he adds 33 saves this year, he’ll have 100 career saves.

Jung Hae-young will be 22 years old on August 23 this year. The record for the youngest 100 saves in the KBO League is held by Lim Chang-yong, who was 23 years old, 10 months and 10 days old. Even if it is not this year, there is a high probability that Jeong Hae-young will become the youngest player to reach 100 saves.

In response to the 100 save question, Jeong Hae-young said, “I keep thinking about that record. I want to challenge myself, but I try to keep my pace as much as possible. It’s great if I make 100 saves, but there’s next year if I can’t. First of all, I shouldn’t get hurt.”

Last year, Jeong Hae-young suffered from shoulder inflammation and other injuries, and repeatedly conceded points in the middle of the season, exposing anxiety. He certainly wasn’t as impactful as the 2021 season.

Jung Hae-young expressed his determination, saying, “Last year, when the team was important, I was always regretful. This year, I will work hard to help the team as much as possible without getting hurt. I hope I can help the team as much as possible by preparing from camp until the end of the season.” .

In the 2023 season, Jeong Hae-young aims for a career high save record. He expressed his aspirations, saying, “I set my goal with 35 saves. I want to surpass my save record. If I make 35, I think the team will go to a higher place.”

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