This atmosphere has already been three years.”

SSG Landers club staff were surprised to 안전놀이터see the crowded training room every time they went to work this winter. Usually, other clubs also use the facility during the off-season when players who train individually visit their home stadium. However, the heat experienced by SSG club officials was getting hotter and hotter, different from last year and the year before last. More than 30 players a day are actively using the home stadium facility to the extent of visiting the baseball field. There may be players who train individually abroad, use a private center, or hire a personal trainer to train separately, but in the case of SSG, personal training fever in the stadium continued hotly while actively consulting with the training part.

Officials of the club said, “Now, it seems that the culture of self-training in which players train themselves according to their physical condition and condition has completely settled.” Explained. The club also spared no investment. During the extensive remodeling last year, various weight training equipment was additionally purchased, as well as equipment necessary for treatment and recovery. As the sauna facility was fully equipped, the participation rate of players visiting the home stadium for individual training increased. As well as providing food. Even in the off-season, they provide food for players to eat when they come to the ballpark to exercise. You can eat healthy and training-friendly foods such as boiled eggs, bread, fruit, and protein shakes. In particular, it is a consideration for unmarried players who lead an irregular life or skip meals frequently during the off-season.

SSG conditioning coach Park Chang-min said, “In December and January of the third year, we have been conducting group PTs. Previously, I made a program booklet in the hope that players would refer to it even if they exercised elsewhere, but the effect was reduced. So, When the players come at a convenient time, we (the coaches) are proceeding with the concept of looking after them. So, to be honest, the participation rate is high.” “The off-season is the most important time of the year for players. You can think of it as a rest period, but it is the most important time to prepare for the next season. Usually, athletes can make a difference when they exercise steadily for about 3 to 4 weeks, but 2 A month is 8 weeks. It is a time to change enough. Last year, the club acquired a lot of necessary equipment, and as a result, more diverse parts seem to be met.”

Although autonomous, it is actually more systematic than any other system. The only difference is that the players come first. This was only possible because of the veterans’ initiative. Coach Park Chang-min said, “Veteran players who are good at baseball show it with their bodies first. It’s not about saying anything, but because those players go ahead and exercise, juniors learn from watching them. ‘That hyung works out so hard, but I can’t just rest.’ “My friends like Oh Won-seok, Choi Ji-hoon, and Park Seong-han have been effective through this kind of training since the year before last, and seem to think that it was okay even during the season. Now, even if the coaches do not nag, the players participate on their own.” he explained.

On January 25th, coach Park Chang-min moved to Florida, USA, the camp site, with the advance team early. It’s the training coaches who don’t have a real offseason. It takes care of the condition of the entire team without rest. However, he laughed, saying, “The center of our work is the players. It is enough for the players to say thank you. The most important thing is for the players to prepare well for the next season, and the rewards seem to come back to the team’s performance.” SSG received the highest reward for last year’s combined victory. Because I know the ‘taste of winning’, off-season training was more thorough.

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