D+Kia’s “Canyon” Geon-bu Kim pledged to do well ahead of the rest of the schedule.

Dplus Kia defeated Nongshim Red Force 2-0 in the second round of the 2023 League of Legends Champions Korea Summer held at the LCK Arena in Gran Seoul, Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 2nd. D-Plus Kia, which recently underwent a change of coaches in the 1st and 2nd divisions due to Corona 19, continued the chase for 3rd place with a 2-0 victory even in a messy situation. In an interview after the game, Kim Geon-bu expressed his feelings about the victory by saying, “It was a game that I had to win in order to finish third, and I am very happy that I won.”안전놀이터

Since Nongshim has been competing in the playoffs with a good trend recently, it was not an easy game for D+ Kia regardless of the rankings. Kim Geon-bu emphasized the combination while explaining the preparation process. He said, “I thought a lot about the opponent’s preferred combination while watching the tournament,” and “I thought about how to make our combination accordingly.”

On this day, Dplus Kia won, but also suffered difficulties. In particular, the first set was played with close to 7,000 gold. The reversal was successful, but the defeat near the dragon nest, the moment when the disadvantage began, was obviously dizzying. Kim Geon-bu said, “I think it’s good or bad depending on how you understand the opponent’s team and your team’s team and how you get a spot.” I looked back.

Kim Geon-bu took a bye in the second set against Nongshim and won. It was the moment to record the first win of the summer season bye. Kim Geon-boo said he didn’t know he hadn’t won by bye since it was summer, and his confidence was there. “I thought it was good because Vi had a lot of strengths even after it was nerfed,” he said.

The next opponent of D-Plus Kia, which won Nongshim, is Hanwha Life Esports. It is a game that must be won as it is competing for third place. Kim Geon-bu said, “I think we should watch the match between Hanwha Life Insurance and Gen.G.” “The patch has been changed to 13.14, so we will find out what our opponents think of this patch and prepare accordingly.”

Lastly, Kim Geon-bu expressed his gratitude to the fans and promised better results. He said, “Thank you for always cheering me on, and I’m working hard to repay your support and trying to improve my performance.” The interview ended with a horse.

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