Yang Hyun-joon of Gangwon FC, the main character of the theater goal that made two consecutive wins, explained the scoring situation.

Gangwon won 1-0 with Yang Hyun-joon’s ‘theatrical goal’ in the second half of the extra time in the 10th round of Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023 against Jeonbuk Hyundai held at Jeonju World Cup Stadium on the 29th. 

With 2 wins, 4 draws and 4 losses (10 points), Gangwon, who won 2 consecutive victories, temporarily lowered Incheon United (9 points), which did not play that day, to 11th place and rose to 10th place. 

Yang Hyeon-joon had a one-on-one opportunity after winning a contest with opposing defender Kim Gun-woong after 4 minutes of extra time in the second half and 1 more minute had passed. He scored the winning goal with a sensuous right-footed roving shot that exceeded opponent goalkeeper Kim Jung-hoon’s height. 

After the game, Yang Hyun-joon said, “The two consecutive victories are the result of making it with my colleagues and brothers. Everyone did their best to bring results, and it feels good to give good gifts to fans who have come from afar.” 

When asked about what was better than Jeonbuk, Yang Hyun-joon said, “It was greater in earnest. 

Yang Hyeon-joon, who recorded attack points as Gangwon beat Seoul and Jeonbuk, said, “I personally gained confidence, but I always tried my best to help the team, so the opportunity came to me and I was able to continue with attack points.”  토토사이트

After scoring the theatrical goal, he said, “I thought it was okay. It was extra time, so I thought I could just put in and hold on. I didn’t know how to make a chip shot (roving shot) well. It came out automatically without me knowing. Advice on chip shots when you miss a one-on-one opportunity around But as I kept listening to it, it seems to have come out. The older brothers and the director do it too. The older brothers said they thought it was a joke to give them gallego next to them. But I was surprised to put it in and apologized.” 

Director Choi Yong-soo said of Yang Hyeon-joon that it was a ‘time that should never be forgotten’.

Yang Hyeon-joon also agreed with this and said, “If you forget that time, that time may come again. If you hold on somehow and use the opportunity as one heart and mind like now so that that situation does not come again, that situation will not come again.” . 

Jeonbuk players strongly protested about the goal scene. Regarding the competition scene with opponent Kim Gun-woong, Yang Hyun-jun said, “I was sure of scoring. I didn’t even touch it. I thought calmly, ‘Because it’s a goal anyway’.” 

When asked to evaluate this season so far, Yang Hyun-joon said, “It’s a period of growing up for myself. I think it’s the most difficult season. I didn’t think it was a slump. I thought I could show you,” he said. 

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