Manchester City and English Premier League (EPL) top midfielder The Bruyne has made history by becoming the league’s top assists man this season.

City lost 0-1 to Brentford in the final match of the 38th round of the 2022/2023 English Premier League (EPL) on the morning of 29 September. It wasn’t a huge blow for City, who had already clinched the title.

This season, City swept the EPL. Not only did they win the title, but they also took home the individual awards. Elling Holland won the Golden Boot (top scorer) and Player of the Year with 35 goals, while Der Bruyne secured the assist title with 16 assists.토토사이트

It was the fourth time in his career that Der Bruyne led the league in assists. His first came in 2016/2017, his debut season at City, with 18 assists. He followed that up with 16 assists in 2017/2018, 20 in 2019/2020, and now this season. His four assists are a first in the EPL.

He arrived in a City shirt under Pep Guardiola and became an integral part of Guardiola’s tactics for seven seasons.

Der Bruyne won five league titles and established himself as one of the best midfielders in the world. Having won the league title, he will now attempt to win the triple (league, FA Cup and UEFA Champions League), which he has never achieved. Only the FA Cup final with Manchester United and the UCL final with Inter Milan remain. In particular, he will be looking to make amends for missing out on the UCL final with Chelsea in the 2019/2020 season due to injury.

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