Kim Min-jae (27, Naples), 

Italy’s Gazzetta dello Sport, reported on the 3rd (Korean time), “Tottenham is pursuing the signing of Bremer from Juventus. He will be a replacement for Eric Dyer.” did.

Tottenham’s sluggishness this season can be seen by anyone looking at the defense. When coach Antonio Conte, who had even Son Heung-min join the defense, disappeared, his bare face is being revealed.

Tottenham is 4th in the league with 63 goals this season, but they are 6th from behind, conceding a whopping 57 goals in defense. This kind of airborne deviation continues to hold back.

The diamond is in the center. Dyer, who was originally pointed out for his defensive problems, is being criticized by the public for his worst performance this season.스포츠토토

In particular, in the previous game against Liverpool, Dyer was shaken from the beginning. The number of turnovers recorded by Dyer throughout the match against Liverpool reached a whopping 16 times.

Naturally, finding a replacement for Dyer has emerged as Tottenham’s number one priority. The new thing that came to mind here is Juventus’s Bremer.

Bremer, who was selected as the best Serie A defender in the 2021-2022 season, was targeted by big clubs such as Napoli-Inter Milan-Juventus with Kim Min-jae last season.

As a result of fierce competition, Kim Min-jae went to Napoli and Bremer went to Juventus. However, this season’s situation is vastly different.

While Kim Min-jae was on the verge of giving Napoli their first championship in 33 years with his best performance, Bremer had difficulty adapting to the four-back and left regret.

Gazzetta dello Sport predicted, “Tottenham are looking to replace Dyer by signing Bremer, who has lost his position at Juventus. The transfer fee will be at least 45 million euros.”

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