Tottenham Hotspur defender Emerson Royal (24) of the English Premier League (EPL) is known to have purchased a high-pressure oxygen tank worth 800,000 pounds (1.5 billion won) to recover quickly.

According to Sports Bible, The Sun, and others, Royal has purchased a hyperbaric oxygen tank in his home and uses it to improve his performance during his matches. He also posted a picture of him being treated using the oxygen tank on his SNS (social media).먹튀검증 It is said that such an oxygen tank treatment has a therapeutic effect that makes body tissue revive much faster in a high-pressure state.

Royal, along with Son Heung-min (31), is a colleague who is active in Tottenham. In the 24th round home match against West Ham on the 20th (2-0 win), he scored the winning goal and contributed to the team’s recapture of 4th place. After Royal scored the opening goal, Son Heung-min scored a wedge goal. Royal has appeared in 18 league games this season, recording one goal and one assist.

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