From the first day of the Golden Lion, a great match came out.

On the 14th, the 77th National High School Baseball Competition and Weekend League Wangjungwangjeon (co-sponsored by Donga Ilbo, Sports Donga, and Korea Baseball Softball Association) held at Mokdong Stadium and Shinwol Stadium in Seoul, Deoksu High School repeated reverse and reversal in the first round In the end, he won 8-6 against Whimoon High School. In the beginning, the winner and the loser were divided in a beautiful match that would not be strange no matter who won.

As soon as Whimoongo entered the attack in the first inning, ‘Little Lee Byeong-gyu’ Seung-min Lee took the lead with a preemptive and timely hit. In response, Deoksu High School also struck back by making a tie in the second inning. In the 3rd inning, Whimoon High School took the lead by scoring 2 points again, and Deoksu High School caught up and struggled until the middle of the game.

In the 3-3 situation, Deoksu High School seemed to have entered a stable zone, running away two points with Baek Jun-seo’s sacrifice fly in the 4th. However, in the 8th inning, Whimoon High School reversed the game by tying up Yeom Seung-won’s timely hit and the opponent’s wildfire, scoring 3 points and 6-5.

However, at the end of the 8th inning, which immediately followed Deoksu High School, Woo Jung-an, a sophomore in counterattack, saved the team by hitting a home run in the Golden Lion following the E-Mart Cup competition. Woo Jung-an, who played as the starting eighth hitter and third baseman, emerged as a game hero by driving 4 RBIs with 2 hits in 3 at-bats.

On the mound, starting pitcher Lee Jong-ho, sophomore Jeong Hyeon-woo, and Kim Tae-hyung reported their first victory in the tournament, recording scoreless runs in 1 1/3 innings. Whimoon’s ace Kim Hwi-gun also played as the second pitcher, striking out 6 in 5 innings, but it was painful that he allowed 6 runs (2 earned) without receiving help from the fielders.

Meanwhile, in the Golden Lion, two cold games came out on the first day. Including Gongju High School’s 7th cold game victory over Deokjeok High School, Seoul High School also won 11-1, 6th cold game victory over Jeju High School.

※ Results of the 77th National High School Baseball Competition for the Golden Lion (Day 1, 5/14)

Chungnam Gongju High School 13-5 Incheon Deokjeok High School (7th cold)카지노사이트
Seoul High School 11-1 Jeju High School (6th cold)
Gyeonggi Bucheon High School 6 -3 Gyeongbuk Yail Meditech High School
Seoul Sunrin Internet High School 10-3 Jeonnam Suncheon Hyocheon High School BC
Seoul Deoksu High School 8-6 ​​Seoul Whimoon High School Seoul
Dongsan High School 5-0 Gyeonggi Jangan High School

Day 1, 5/15)

Busan Gyeongnam High School vs Seoul Chungam High School (09:00)
Jeonbuk Jeon High School vs Chungnam Cheonan Commercial CS (11:30)
Busan Technical High School vs Gyeongnam Yaro High School BC (14:00, above Mok-dong)

Daegu Sangwon High School Jeonnam Naju Gwangnam High School (09:00)
Gyeongnam Changwon Technical High School vs Daegu High School (11:30)
Seoul Cheongwon High School vs Gwangju Dongseong High School (14:00, above Shinwol)

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