Los Angeles Angels Shohei Ohtani’s ransom is skyrocketing.

It is the end of November this year that he is negotiating free agency, but even though it was nine months ago, local media are already offering prospects as if competing. Eventually, a forecast of $600 million came out.

New York Post (NYP) columnist John Heyman published an article titled ‘Will Ohtani Become the First $600 Million Major League Player?’ on the 24th (Korean time). For the expected ransom of Ohtani, $500 million has been widely discussed since last summer, but $600 million is the first time.

Heyman said, “Of course, $600 million is just a number whispered in fantasy, and it is 67% more than the record for the highest free agent ransom.” got lucky

The all-time free agent ransom record is the 9-year, $360 million contract signed by Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees this offseason. Overall, the contract is 12 years and $426.5 million, signed by Ohtani’s teammate Mike Trout in March 2019. Heyman emphasized that the actual value is more than that, even though Ohtani also sees such a historic contract as strong.

“Nobody directly involved in the negotiations has mentioned $600 million, and agency CAA Sports hasn’t said a specific number yet,” he said. It is that it can be encouraged by the fact that it increases by %. Agent Nez Valero recently said Ohtani has the right to enjoy the free agent market. In other words, Ohtani will become a free agent.”

It is widely known, but Ohtani has three interests when choosing a team. First is the possibility of winning. The Angels have never made a positive impression on Ohtani in this area, so it is said that they will go to the free agent market unconditionally.

Ohtani also has a desire to be the greatest player in history. He once said that entering the Hall of Fame is his ultimate goal.메이저사이트

And he said he wanted a team he could feel comfortable with. At the time of posting five years ago, while selecting the final 7 teams, only 5 teams were selected from the western region. The New York Yankees said they intentionally excluded it. However, since he lived in the United States for five years, people close to him believe that the geographical criteria may have been relaxed.

Heyman said, “Ohtani doesn’t seem to care about money, but whether he’s interested or not, where there’s a star, money follows.” It must be, but an acquaintance told me that Ohtani would not know exactly how much it was.”

First of all, it’s the LA Dodgers. It is a team that Ohtani can favor geographically and is a favorite to win. Also, the Dodgers cut their payroll by about $60 million this offseason through extreme fiscal austerity. There is a strong interpretation that this is a measure with Ohtani recruiting in mind.

Then he mentioned the Mets. Cohen is the richest owner in Major League Baseball. His net worth stands at $17.4 billion. In addition, Mets general manager Billy Eppler was the person who led Ohtani’s recruitment when he was the Angels’ general manager. However, it should be taken into account that the Mets’ payroll is rising as the luxury tax, called ‘Steve Cohen’s tax’, rises from 90% to 110%.

Reporter Heyman next predicted the possibility of the San Francisco Giants, Angels, Yankees, and San Diego Padres in that order.

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