The National Disabled Students Sports Festival held in Ulsan held its second day.

Even just hearing the names, such as ‘Shulen’ and ‘Boccia’, exotic events are unfolding, but the empty spectators are left with regret.

Reporter Kim Young-rok covered the story.


Athletes carefully push a round block of wood.

It is a game called ‘Sullun’ in which points are scored by pushing a block of wood called a ‘puck’ into a gate.

It is a traditional Dutch sport that many students with intellectual or hearing impairments participate in.

A total of 88 athletes from 11 cities and provinces participated in this National Disabled Students Sports Festival.

[Soundbite] Jeong Ji-yoon/Ulsan City Shulern : “There’s a circle. You just have to put the puck in. You just have to put it in. I want to do well.”] ‘

Boccia’ competes for victory by throwing a ball and adding the scores of balls close to the target ball.

It is similar to archery or curling, but only those with severe cerebral palsy and motor disabilities can participate.

71 players from 12 cities and provinces participated.메이저놀이터

[Soundbite] Yun Hee-jae/Ulsan Boccia Federation for the Disabled : “It can be seen as a very filial sport that won two gold medals in a row at the Paralympic Games. There are a lot of players like the national team in Ulsan, too…”]

Various games that could not be seen in general competitions were held in this sports event, but the interest of the spectators was not high compared to the enthusiasm of the players.

You can watch the game for free, but as you can see, most of the bleachers are empty.

It is pointed out that most of the spectators filling the seats are family members of the players, and that citizen interest and participation in the competition is needed.

[Jeon Je-gwon/Seoul Gangdong-gu/Bochia Player’s Family : “Our players have prepared a lot for the tournament. I hope many spectators come and cheer for us.”] Meanwhile, the Ulsan team won 6 gold medals, 5 silver medals

, An additional 5 bronze medals were won.

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