In baseball, it is common knowledge that pitchers have an advantage when they are tall. In professional baseball this season, pitchers with short stature stand out.

Reporter Yoo Byung-min introduces players who dominate the mound with their ‘heart’ rather than the so-called ‘kidney’.


SSG foreign pitcher McCarty is 173 cm tall, the shortest among domestic and foreign pitchers registered in the KBO this season, and 5 cm shorter than the previous shortest record for a foreign pitcher.

There was a lot of skepticism because of the conventional wisdom that pitchers have an advantage when they are tall, but McCarty is breaking the prejudice with his terrifying pitch.먹튀검증

On the 15th of last month, he recorded a no-hit in 7 innings against NC.

McCarty, who threw too hard and missed one pitch due to inflamed fingers, is determined to return next week and lead SSG’s run.

[Kurt McCarty/SSG Pitcher: Always competitive, aggressive, and always wants to keep the mound until the coach takes the ball away.]

Korean pitchers who are 174cm tall and ‘the shortest this season’ are doing great in the bullpen.

Kiwoom Kim Jae-woong is firmly guarding the team’s back door for two consecutive years, and LG’s 19-year-old rookie Park Myeong-geun is a sidearm pitcher following team seniors Jung Woo-young and Kiwoom Won Jong-hyun, with a fastball of 145 km/h, the third fastest in the bullpen. Got it.

The performance of a short pitcher who throws with his heart, not his height, captivates even the hearts of fans.

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