“You are a good player. I can do well.”메이저사이트

A left-handed outfielder who has only played for LG since his debut in 2014. However, his first team experience was limited to just 31 matches. He just got the Futures free agent status. Han Seok-hyun boldly submitted an application. In fact, the effect of the second team players in their later years is insignificant, so the system will be abolished at the end of this offseason.

Nevertheless, Han Seok-hyun exercised his qualifications because he had a transfer in mind. He recently met NC Spring Camp at Reed Park Annex Field in Tucson, Arizona, USA. because i’m applying Since it is my decision, I submitted the application thinking that it was my choice.”

Anyway, it was impossible to play as a key member in the first team by squeezing out of LG’s national team-level outfield. NC reached out. 1 year 39 million won free agent contract. The amount does not mean much, but the transfer itself motivates Han Seok-hyun. NC also had a full outfield with Park Gun-woo, Son Ah-seop, and foreign hitter Jason Martin. However, we plan to make full use of Han Seok-hyun and Kim Seong-wook. Rumor has it that at the time of the contract with Han Seok-hyun, participation in the first team was guaranteed to some extent.

Han Seok-hyun said, “I am in better shape than usual. He is motivated. It’s not like I’m doing well,” he said. However, about NC, “I think it warms people’s hearts. He told me not to be in a hurry, and showed all of my heart. Putting aside things like data, I feel like they treat me a little warmer.”

Upon joining NC, Son Ah-seop and Park Gun-woo encouraged Han Seok-hyun. The two said, “Have confidence. I came over as a free agent, but you are a good player. I can do well.” Han Seok-hyun said, “The two older brothers gave me confidence. I don’t know what I’m seeing from the outside, but when I came to NC, there were many young players and the atmosphere was lively. He thinks it will be okay if he just adapts quickly.”

A practice game against the national team held at the Tucson Kino Sports Complex on the 17th. Han Seok-hyun started as the first left fielder and recorded 2 hits and 1 RBI in 5 at-bats. He scored a hit against top left-hander Kim Gwang-hyun, and also attacked right-hander Won Tae-do well. It was a performance that chilled the conversation of the national team.

Han Seok-hyun said, “I was good in the 2nd group, but he showed few opportunities in the 1st group. He said, “When he came out of the first team, a well-hit ball was caught.” At the same time, he said, “I will do the same even if I deal with LG. He wants to hit the ball with Kim Yoo-young, who went to LG. We were friends in high school.”

Will the 29-year-old outfielder make a comeback with the Dinosaur Corps? Possibilities opened up. Maybe it can be remembered as a success story of Futures FA. After all, FA is confidence.

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