“You can’t trust SON?”

Football London obtained and reported on the 20th (Korean time) a report containing Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy’s four off-season plans.

It contains shocking content.

Football London said, ‘Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy is aiming for the transfer market to reinforce four off-season positions. He is trying to sign quality centre-backs, central midfielders, goalkeepers and forwards,’ he said.

A quality centre-back is needed.

Tottenham have Cristian Romero. He is a hot-tempered but highly competitive centre-back. But the rest is the problem. Tottenham’s defense has a gap with world class. For this reason, there has been a local article saying that Tottenham wants to recruit Kim Min-jae using the close ‘Son Heung-min chance’.

A central midfielder, too. It is true that there is a shortage of midfield agents who can tear apart the opposition defense and create creative goal chances.안전놀이터

goalkeeper. Joris, the main player, is rapidly aging. Football London emphasized that ‘a replacement must be found to replace club legend Hugo Lloris, who is well past his prime’.

However, the content of the last striker reinforcement is questionable. Football London said: ‘Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy judges that he has been overly dependent on Harry Kane. Players like Son Heung-min and Richarlison were not at their best. We need to bring in a player who can share the goal-making power with Kane.”

This season, manager Antonio Conte has thoroughly demanded that strikers join the defense. The passing of the 2nd line did not spread smoothly. In the end, if it didn’t work out well in the front line, the versatile Kane, who could even coordinate the game in the second line, was not greatly affected, but Son Heung-min was definitely at a disadvantage in the formation. In addition, Richarlison has not shown a single big impact since the transfer. It is a performance that cannot be compared to Son Heung-min, who recently boasted an explosive sense of goal.

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