KIA Tigers’ ‘Super Rookie’ Yoon Young-cheol shared his impressions of winning the second season. 

Yoon Young-chul started the field game against Samsung held at Daegu Samsung Lions Park on the 17th and pitched well with 4 hits, 2 walks, 2 strikeouts and 1 run in 5⅓ innings. Season 2 win. KIA secured the winning series by beating Samsung 7-6.

Manager Kim Jong-guk said, “Yun Young-cheol played the role of starting pitcher very well, blocking the opponent’s lineup with the minimum number of runs. He evaluated that it is encouraging to see him improve as he goes on the mound.” 

Yoon Young-cheol, who met with reporters after the game, said, “Around the fourth inning, the coach said that I would only go for 5 innings, so I thought so. He said that since it was five times, he would change if he stopped one more batter. I was happy (he recorded the most innings and pitches after his debut), but it was regrettable that he came down (off the mound) in the middle.” 스포츠토토

On the 21st of last month, against Samsung in Gwangju, he struggled a bit with 2 runs in 4⅓ innings, but in the second match, it was impressive to overwhelm the opponent’s batting line. In response, Yoon Young-cheol replied, “I think I threw it comfortably because it was a team I had played against once.” 

He, who has been in the starting rotation since his first year of debut, humbly said, “I haven’t played many games yet, but he is happy to be able to throw consistently, and I want to do well as much as he gave me the opportunity.” 

Coach Kim Jong-guk is planning to cancel Yoon Young-cheol’s first-team entry in order to adjust his condition. Yoon Young-cheol said, “I will prepare well for the next game while resting well because I am taking care of it.” 

When asked about the difference from his debut debut, he said, “I gained a lot of confidence. As his strike zone became narrower than in high school, there were many ambiguous balls every time he threw, but now he has adapted to the strike zone to some extent. As he threw a lot, he gained confidence.” 

Regarding the evaluation that he was ‘unlike a rookie’, he said, “I threw a lot of games in high school and had experience in big games, so I’m used to throwing fun rather than being nervous.”

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