The women’s national soccer team, led by head coach Colin Bell, has completed two consecutive matches against Zambia.

Initially, it was speculated that it was an evaluation match against Morocco, the same African team, but coach Bell drew attention by revealing that he remembered Colombia while playing against Zambia. It is interpreted as preparing for a rough physical fight.

The national team led by coach Bell brought Zambia to Korea on the 7th and 11th and held two evaluation matches. Zambia is the first country to qualify for the World Cup in the Australia-New Zealand Women’s World Cup in July and is in Group C with Spain, Costa Rica and Japan. The result was a 5-2, 5-0 victory for Korea.

Initially, the match against Zambia was evaluated as a mock test for Korea’s match against Morocco in the World Cup. Korea is in Group H along with Germany, Morocco and Colombia. Korea will play its first match against Colombia on July 25, followed by Morocco (July 30) and Germany (August 3) in the group stage.

Amid criticism that the victory against Zambia gave them confidence in the African team, manager Bell presented an unexpected interpretation.

Coach Bell said at a press conference after the game against Zambia on the 11th, “Even though they are African teams, Morocco and Zambia have different play styles. Zambia is rather similar to Colombia.”

He continued, “Colombia played a match against France. Although they lost, they had an advantage until the 60th minute.” said.

In fact, Zambia harassed Korea with rough physical fights and fast efforts in the two rounds of evaluation. Kundananji Rachel, a key player in Zambia, was one of the best in the world, showing off a strong physical fight that was not pushed back at all, and a power that was difficult to catch up once penetrated.

In the match against Zambia, Colombia, the imaginary enemy coach Bell had in mind, took a 2-0 lead with Daniela Arias and Catalina Usme’s consecutive goals in the French away evaluation match on the 8th. Colombia then lost 2-5, conceding consecutive goals to Delphine Cascarino (2 goals), Eugénie Le Somer (2 goals) and Grasse Gueroro. 온라인바카라

A game was also held to indirectly compare the power of Colombia and Korea. Colombia had a warm-up match against Italy on the 11th, and lost 1-2 in this game. Colombia gave up the opening goal to Valentina Zacinti and then Catalina Usme equalized the game, but lost the match late in the second half with Monica Ramos own goal.

Italy faced South Korea in the Arnold Clark Cup last February. Coincidentally, at the time, Korea lost to Italy 1-2, just like Colombia. However, at the time, Korea’s winning goal to Martina Rosuchi in extra time in the second half was recognized as a goal because the video was not reviewed even though it was an offside foul.

With this, Belho has virtually finished preparing for the World Cup through two consecutive matches against Arnold Clark Cup and Zambia. The national team will be convened in June, undergo intensive training, play a friendly match in Korea in early July, and then depart for Australia in the middle of the same month.

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