Comedians Kim Min-kyung and Oh Na-mi showed off their performance at the K-League stadium.

On the 5th, the second round of the Hana One Q K League 1 2023 between Jeonbuk Hyundai and Suwon Samsung was held at Jeonju World Cup Stadium. Jeonbuk invited comedians Kim Min-gyeong and Oh Na-mi for their first home game this season. They are active as FC Gavengers in the SBS soccer entertainment program ‘Goal Hitters (Goal Hitters)’.토토사이트

Kim Min-kyung and Oh Na-mi were in charge of poetry. In the past, the K-League Sichuan event was limited to a meaningless performance of kicking the ball on the half line, but this day was different. Kim Min-kyung and Oh Na-mi parked the ball at the penalty kick (PK) spot and shot into the goal. The Jeonbuk mascot saw the goalkeeper. Both shots went well into the net. An estimated 20,000 spectators cheered.

The next scene was the killing point. When Jeonbuk players put their arms around their shoulders and drew a circle to cheer up, Kim Min-kyung and Oh Na-mi also joined. They naturally entered between Hong Jeong-ho and Baek Seung-ho and put a spirit together. Seeing this, referee Kim Jong-hyuk pulled out a red card and declared an exit. Minkyung Kim and Nami Oh protested with open arms.

Kim Min-kyung and Oh Na-mi continued to show performances even after leaving the ground. Kim Min-gyeong blew her hand while facing the crowd, and Oh Na-mi performed a ceremony kissing the Jeonbuk emblem engraved on the left chest of her uniform.

An official from Jeonbuk said, “Kim Min-kyung and Oh Na-mi planned an exit performance with referee Kim Jong-hyuk in advance. Thanks to that, the time celebration event was more fruitful,” he said.

On this day, not only Kim Min-kyung and Oh Na-mi, but also popular cheerleader Lee Da-hye visited Jeonju Castle. Lee Da-hye, a cheerleader, was a fan who bought season tickets for Jeonbuk even before she became famous. Prior to the match, the Jeonbuk club held a cheerleading talk show for Lee Da-hye.

In addition, Kim Ah-young, who appeared on ‘SNL Korea Season 3’, came to the stadium as a special guest on the Coupang Play relay broadcast. She is affectionately called Kim Ah-yeong, ‘the clear-eyed madman’. She is a character who satirizes the MZ generation, and she is very popular. Jeonbuk’s 2023 season home opener was full of things to see.

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